The importance of the IT basics

At B2B we understand the importance of software to business success. We will put in place systems and processes that ensure that you have a good foundation to grow.

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IT Support and Programming

B2B We can also perform the basics. We provide monitoring solitions, programming database support and backups. Along with support ticketing systems and change control.

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Leadership and Mentoring

At B2B it is not enough to tell you what to do. We will train your development teams in the best practices, and can train your leaders to be more effective.

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Welcome to the Back 2 Basics Consultancy Web Site. Over the years I have witnessed many companies having trouble with Management and Software development. Many times this is because they are moving at a pace where they miss the basics. At first, this is not a problem but becomes a bigger and bigger issue.

B2B Consultancy is here to help. We have an understanding of the basics of Software development and management and can assess your company and provide a set of pragmatic steps that will help with the business basics.

Once you have the basics in place, you have a firm foundation on which you can build your dreams.