Announcing TimeTrack – Time tracking & invoicing for Contractors

B2B Consultancy introduces – A tool for all freelance and contracting professionals to track their time, and send invoices.

Get To Know TimeTrack

The TapTime software was written in 2014 to address my need to deliver accurate time reports to my clients.

Over the years I have continued to adjust and tweak the software so that it is easy to track time and send invoices. Now in 2023, there are over 6,000 timesheet entries and over 250 invoices I have created as a freelance software developer.

  • My clients love it because they can always see what I am working on.
  • Are you a freelance developer that charges per hour?
  • Do you want to keep accurate time tracking?
  • Do you want to send invoices to your clients?
  • Do you want to track your work with graphs and calendars?
  • Do you want a free solution for tracking time?
  • Only Pay when you get money from your clients?
  • TimeTrack is for you!!

Mention that you have read this article and I will give you an additional 5 invoices to try out TimeTrack