Yet Another WordPress Plugin Template

Yet Another WordPress Plugin Template (ya-wordpress-plugin-template) or (YAWPT)

I used to hate WordPress but I have found a way that I can deliver value through WordPress Plugin ShortCodes.

I have scoured the internet for all of the tidbits of information and put them together in such a way that I
can stamp out plugins quite quickly. I use this to deliver value to my clients without having to be responsible for the whole site, content, and look and feel.

The usual conversation goes like this:

  • Client: I would like a small website and it only has to do this (Insert Feature List)…
  • Me: Let me stop you there. When you say small, does that mean that the budget is small?
  • Client: Well yeah.
  • Me: Are you guys comfortable with WordPress?
  • Client: Yeah, that is what we have now.
  • Me: Well I can give you a WordPress Plugin that exposes a shortcode. Then I can connect
    through API to your primary system to deliver (Insert Feature List). Then your web developer
    can style the page however you like and just put the shortcode in the page where you want it.
  • Client: Sounds great. What about the look and feel of what you develop?
  • Me: I will create the initial templates, and there is a template editor built into the plugin
    so your web developer can style the templates as well. It will be fast to develop, and I will provide
    a test environment for you to play before I install it on your site.
  • Client: Wow, Great. What a great programmer you are! (ok, I just added the last part for my ego)

As you know the time suck with any project is the UI/UX and the styling. If you can deliver a short-code
then you can drop as much as 70% of this from the budget. (This is a guess, but UI takes time)

Delivery on WordPress is easier IT as well. Sometimes I would have to provide the IT, Servers, VM, or
whatever the customer needs, but there are many vendors providing WordPress hosting at
a reasonable price with backup options as well.

By the way, I do not claim that this is the best; it might even be the worst, but it works well for me.
I am happy to get your input suggestions feedback etc.

The code is on GitHub here

Contact me if you need help. My email is somewhere in the code.


Click here to see the demo in action